• Over 1 million square feet of
    Wholesome goodness

  • A better question is:
    What are we not close to?

  • We’ve got a
    standout location

  • Sit back
    Pop one open

    and find out how it all started.

  • We’re looking for some
    New Bohemians

  • This place used to be a cool 32 F.
    Now it’s just cool.

  • Three Cheers For
    Lots of Parking

    (And Other Fun Stuff)

What an opportunity to move into one of the most unique suites in Brewers Hill! Suite 10 has 28′ high ceilings which allow for dramatic two-story high windows and a large, open mezzanine. The suite measures 12,095 square feet, but can be easily expanded up to 14,104 square feet. If larger space is needed, Suites 10, 15 and 55 can be combined for a total of 28,000 SF. If you’re looking for signature space, this is your opportunity!


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